Filler Text

What Does Filler Text Mean?

Filler text is text that has all the characters of a language, but they are randomly written in such a way that they do not make any sense to the reader. Filler text is most commonly used in prototype layouts by publishers or designers to show what the text would look like in terms of fonts and formatting.


Filler text is also known as dummy text or placeholder text.

Techopedia Explains Filler Text

Filler text is type of sample text displayed to test the fonts and layout of a project. It is also sometimes used to spoof email spam filters. The characters in filler text are arranged such that they do not form coherent words in the readers’ language — as in case of lorem ipsum, a commonly used filler text scheme derived from Latin. The letters A, D, E, H, I, L, N, O, R, S, T and U are the 12 most commonly used characters in the English language, and are therefore the most commonly used and generated characters by random text generators. The process of using filler text is known as greeking.


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