Object Management Group

What Does Object Management Group Mean?

The Object Management Group (OMG) is a consortium geared toward creating a standard architecture for distributed network objects. OMG provides a portable and interoperable object model that functions across multiple platforms.


OMG’s operating headquarters is located in Needham, Massachusetts, and membership currently includes hundreds of IT and non-IT organizations.

Techopedia Explains Object Management Group

Formed to facilitate a standard for heterogeneous distributed environments, OMG was founded by 11 organizations, including HP, Sun Microsystems, IBM, Apple, American Airlines and Data General. OMG requires each member to manufacture conforming products one year prior to formal specification to standard acceptance.

Post launch, OMG created a product line that includes a Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and data distribution service (DDS). OMG’s standards include MetaObject Facility (MOF), XML Metadata Interchange (XMI), MOF Query/Views/Transformation (QVT) and Model to Text Transformation Language (MOFM2T).


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