Point and Shoot

What Does Point and Shoot Mean?

Point and shoot, in terms of cameras, refers to the type of still camera that has an autofocus and a built-in flash component. It is widely used by non-professionals because it is easy to use and comes in a user-friendly, compact size. Point-and-shoot cameras became popular in late 1980s and are by far the best-selling standalone cameras on the market.


Techopedia Explains Point and Shoot

Point and shoot can refer to either cameras that use film or to digital cameras. The lenses are usually focus-free, having stationary apertures. Models of such cameras with a flash have no control on the exposure of flash due to the fixed aperture size. However, some newer models do give the user some control over aperture and exposure.
Point-and-shoot camera sales began to decline after the introduction of HD cameras in smartphones in 2010.

Point-and-shoot cameras are much simpler to operate and more compact than single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras, but do not give photographers as much control over the final image, which is why professionals generally prefer SLR cameras.


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