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Power Leveling

What Does Power Leveling Mean?

Power leveling (PL) is the term widely used to define leveling where players spend hours or days playing a game with the sole intent of achieving a higher level in the game in as little time as possible. While the term can refer to playing one’s own character, it often implies the hiring of others to play one’s character.


This term has found a special use in the case of online games such as World of Warcraft (WoW).

Techopedia Explains Power Leveling

The online gaming industry has made an economic impact on not only the game developers, but it has also given gamers a chance to make a living out of gaming. Power leveling typically involves spending significant time on a game to take the character to a higher level, just for the sake of having added rewards.

Players and sometimes even companies are hired to play a character in exchange for money or other real-life benefits. It is said that the outsourcing of power leveling has helped many players belonging to underdeveloped countries make a living out of their gaming passion.


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