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Printer Head

What Does Printer Head Mean?

A printer head is a component within a computer printer that enables it to write, spray or put ink on the paper. It is a core component that contains electrical circuits and nozzles and generally has direct access or is the custodian of the printer’s ink resources.


Techopedia Explains Printer Head

Printer heads are primarily found in inkjet and dot matrix computer printers. Typically, the printer head is located within the ink or printer cartridge. In a dot matrix printer, the printer head is a pin that strikes the ink ribbon against the paper to write. In an inkjet printer, the printer head is located within the ink cartridge itself. The printer head receives printing instructions from the native printing processor or the computer. It then evaluates the intensity, amount and location of ink required and moves the head horizontally, line by line, to those locations to write or print the contents.


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