Program Manager

What Does Program Manager Mean?

Program Manager refers to the basic windows of Microsoft Windows 3.x that allow users to select and run each program on their operating system. It was the main screen of Windows 3.x. All the programs were loaded at the time of startup, and the programs appearing could be customized by the user. This feature was also made available in Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP.


Techopedia Explains Program Manager

Program Manager contains all the .exe files of every application and program present in the computer, and was was placed in the root directory of system. Although most prominent in Windows 3.x, Program Manager was still a part of later versions of Windows to provide backward compatibility, and could be accessed by typing PROGMAN.EXE on the Start Menu or Run dialog. Program Manager lost its importance with the introduction of Windows 95 and later versions, and it was entirely removed from Windows XP Service Pack 2 due to its impracticability. Windows Explorer shortcuts play the same role as File and Program Explorer, which is why PROGMAN.EXE was completely removed from Windows Vista and later versions.


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