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What Does Qt Mean?

Qt is a cross-platform application and graphical user interface (GUI) framework, a toolkit, that is used for developing software that can be run on different hardware platforms and operating systems. Qt makes it easy to develop software with native-looking (to the OS it is running on) GUIs using standard C++, which is why it is also classified as a widget toolkit.


Techopedia Explains Qt

Qt is essentially a multiplatform GUI toolkit for developing software applications using standard C++. It provides developers with all the essential functionality required to build cross-platform applications with “state-of-the-art” GUIs. Because Qt uses C++, it is fully object oriented and allows for easily extensible and true component programming.

Qt is marketed as a “write once, compile anywhere” framework that saves time for developers because they only need to create and maintain a single code base in whatever platform they decide to develop in and the final software will compile in every other platform.

Qt offers the following benefits:

  • Maintaining a single source tree
  • Porting an application to multiple platforms through simple recompilation
  • Broadening the audience of a product
  • Creating an application that runs at native speed and with a native look and feel to the platform it is running on

Platforms supported by Qt:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Embedded Linux
  • OS X
  • QNX/Blackberry 10
  • Integrity
  • Windows/Windows CE
  • Wayland
  • X11
  • VxWorks

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