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Country Code Top-Level Domain

What Does Country Code Top-Level Domain Mean?

A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is a top-level
domain name that is used to define the domain for a particular country or
a geographical area. Every country has a domain name reserved for it; this is
generally denoted by a ccTLD, which is generally
two letters long.


Techopedia Explains Country Code Top-Level Domain

Every country, geographical area, sovereign state or a dependent territory has its own two-letter code that defines its country code top-level domain.

Some of the most common ccTLDs are:

  • .us for the United States
  • .ca for Canada
  • .uk for the United Kingdom
  • .in for India
  • .au for Australia

However, organizations often choose to use top-level domain names like .com, .net and .org rather than using their country’s ccTLD.


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