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Smart Battery

What Does Smart Battery Mean?

A smart battery is any battery that contains its own battery management system. It is often used in smart devices including laptops and mobile devices. A smart battery has an internal electronic circuit and sensors that can detect voltage and current levels as well as other parameters such as state of health and then communicate them to the device and, as an extension, to the user.


Techopedia Explains Smart Battery

A smart battery is capable of identifying its own state-of-charge and state-of-health parameters, which the device can access through special data connections. Unlike a non-smart battery, which has no way of informing the device or user about its state, which can result in unpredictable operation, a smart battery can convey all relevant information to the device and user, which allows for proper informed decisions to be made. For example, when the battery detects that it has a low charge, it indicates this so that the user can charge the device, or if it is nearing its end of life or is damaged in any way, it notifies the user about this so that it can be replaced. In this way, it is possible to prevent a lot of the unpredictability associated with older devices, which can die in unexpected and crucial situations.


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