What Does StickyKeys Mean?

StickyKeys is a feature in various operating systems that allows users to press down on a set of keys one by one, instead of simultaneously. It helps to make complex commands easier for users with certain disabilities or repetitive strain injuries.


Techopedia Explains StickyKeys

StickyKeys is generated in Microsoft systems by pressing the Shift key five times in a row. Control panel elements also allow for the use of StickyKeys. For example, instead of hitting Control, Alt, and Delete simultaneously to trigger the task manager in Windows, users can hit Control first, then Alt, then Delete.

The enabling of StickyKeys involves a sharp pinging sound in many Windows operating systems. Thus StickyKeys is an example of an interface feature which can be confusing to users – in the rare instances when someone is drumming on the Shift key without meaning to trigger StickyKeys, they may be confused by the sound, and not understand what is going on.


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