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What Does True Ultimate Standards Everywhere Mean?

True Ultimate Standards Everywhere, Inc. (TRUSTe) is a data privacy management (DPM) company that specializes in Internet privacy. It is best known for the TRUSTe logo as an online privacy seal, signifying that a website is safe and values the security of its user base. TRUSTe monitors, assesses and certifies websites as well as cloud and mobile applications for data privacy and security.


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TRUSTe is a company that deals in data privacy and security by incorporating global industry and regulatory requirements as well as best practices into its review of digital properties, such as those from the United States, European Union and Asia Pacific regions.

TRUSTe was founded by Lori Fenain 1997, who was the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) executive director at the time, and Charles Jennings, a software engineer, as a non-profit association with the goal of fostering and enhancing online commerce through helping the various businesses and online organizations self-regulate privacy and security concerns. Toward this goal, TRUSTe launched its widely known Privacy Seal Program, which awards privacy seals to websites and online applications that abide by a set of fair information privacy practices and that have agreed to participate in TRUSTe’s consumer privacy dispute resolution service. Currently, TRUSTe has offices in London, UK, and Cebu City, Philippines, with its base of operations located in San Francisco, California.


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