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Web Farm

What Does Web Farm Mean?

A web farm is a collection of servers housed in a single location called a data center in order to function as a coordinated group that can be controlled and managed easily.


The farm is used to accomplish needs that a single machine cannot provide such as serving a large number of people on a website or a specific application or providing more resources in a cloud environment.

A web farm is also known as a server farm or a server cluster.

Techopedia Explains Web Farm

Server farms are the modern counterparts what we previously knew as mainframes or supercomputers.

In fact, most modern supercomputers are comprised of one or more server farms that work as a single unit to provide massive amounts of computing power.

Each unit in the cluster is a computer, usually with multiple high-speed CPUs, RAM and storage units.

A server farm may be used to power individual websites with lots of traffic, as in the case of smaller clusters, while ISPs and cloud computing service providers would need larger farms to power all of their customers.

Specialized uses include 3D rendering, scientific simulations and weather simulations.


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