Equipment Footprint

What Does Equipment Footprint Mean?

Equipment footprint refers to the physical space a computing device or equipment requires when being placed or deployed within a home, office or computing facility. It is generally equated in terms of size in square feet / meters of area that the device will consume in a physical location and its impact on the overall space.


Techopedia Explains Equipment Footprint

Typically, the equipment footprint is the actual size of the computer device or equipment it takes on the room or floor of a data center facility. Usually, the equipment footprint is used by IT Capacity Planners and IT administrators in evaluating the available physical space in the facility. The larger the equipment footprint, the more costly its physical acquisition and maintenance is. It also helps in identifying footprint per device category. Some of the major devices / equipment that are evaluated for equipment footprint includes servers, routers, switches, workstations, storage devices and more.


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