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Health Informatics (HI)

Last updated: October 14, 2012

What Does Health Informatics (HI) Mean?

Health informatics (HI) is the design, development and execution of IT resources, specifically for medical health business processes. It is the coupling and alignment of IT and health sciences to build comprehensive health information systems providing specialized IT services for the health care industry.

Health informatics is also known as health care informatics or medical informatics.


Techopedia Explains Health Informatics (HI)

Health informatics is designed to aid medical practitioners in using IT systems and implementing controls to manage medical data. Medical informatics is compromised of sophisticated medical processes, algorithms and scientific formulas integrated within technology.

Health informatics is governed and standardized by various associations and groups, developing guidelines, best practices, frameworks and regulatory requirements in developing and operating medical information systems. These include Health Metric Network, HN7, LONIC among others.



Medical Informatics, Health Care Informatics

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