Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager

What Does Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager Mean?

Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager (MSCMDM) is a software tool that can be used to automate some processes on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices.


Techopedia Explains Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager

This server-based tool provides various mobile management features such as support for using virtual private networks for security or for adding new apps to Windows-based mobile phones. MSCMDM uses an active directory system to enforce group policy settings, with over 100 features for mobile device management.

Using MSCMDM, administrators can remotely manage app access for devices, allowing or denying access by the apps. MSCMDM can encrypt certain kinds of data on storage cards. It can also wipe data from devices for security purposes.

Microsoft has ended support for MSCMDM and will end extended support on July 10, 2018. Microsoft recommends migrating to Configuration Manager with Microsoft Intune (formerly Windows Intune), among other options.


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