Network Based Application Recognition

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What Does Network Based Application Recognition Mean?

Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) intelligently identifies, classifies and regulates bandwidth for mission critical applications, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and workforce optimization applications to ensure the efficient use of resources. NBAR was developed by Cisco as part of its content networking platform for implementing intelligent network (IN) services.


Even non-critical applications, such as Internet gaming and MP3 file sharing, can be classified, marked, policed or blocked by NBAR.

Techopedia Explains Network Based Application Recognition

A device that incorporates NBAR thoroughly inspects certain data flow packets to determine the traffic category of the flow. This may be implemented through the use of the Open Systems Interconnection Model (OSI) Layer 4 designation, like info, signaling and packet content.

NBAR allows network routers to recognize the classification of data traffic, enabling action, if needed. For example, a router may allocate more bandwidth to mission critical applications and throttle unnecessary applications.

With NBAR, an administrator can view the network applications and apply bandwidth policing.

NBAR capabilities include:

  • Eliminating data flow bottlenecks
  • Multiple-service performance optimization
  • Detection, reduction and blocking of spam and malware to enhance network security
  • Easy addition of new protocols

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