Partner Portal

What Does Partner Portal Mean?

A partner portal is a software application that gives an outside party access to certain information about a company. These types of modern architectures help vendors, distributors, resellers or other partners to work with partnering companies to design their services with more information about what the client company or partner company is doing.


Techopedia Explains Partner Portal

An example of a partner portal would be a system that allows a vendor or other partner to log in and look at information about pricing for a company’s products. They may be able to view promotion or discount data, in order to craft their own marketing strategies, distribution strategies or logistics around those realities. Without the partner portal, they would have to call the client and have long telephone discussions about strategy. The partner portal helps to streamline this brainstorming process by making the internal information transparent to partners. It often has specific security protocols attached to it to prevent unauthorized use.


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