Scrum Sprint

What Does Scrum Sprint Mean?

A scrum sprint is a regular, repeatable work cycle in scrum methodology during which work is completed and made ready for review.


Scrum sprints are basic units of development in the scrum methodology. Generally, scrum sprints are less than 30 days long.

Techopedia Explains Scrum Sprint

All scrum sprints are preceded by a sprint planning meeting where the sprint tasks are established and identified, and an estimated commitment of sprint goals is made. The product owner and team decide what needs to be moved from product backlog into sprint backlog.

During the scrum sprint, teams check in at daily scrum meeting, referred to as the daily stand-up meeting. Such meetings give the team a chance to update project status, discuss solutions and challenges, and broadcast their progress to product owners.

A scrum sprint is followed by a sprint review, where the process is reviewed in order to identify lessons that can be used to improve the next sprint.

A sprint retrospective meeting follows the sprint review. This meeting reflects on how work was done during the sprint period. It gives the team a chance to discuss the sprint and think of better alternatives to do things efficiently.


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