Hosting Service Provider

What Does Hosting Service Provider Mean?

A hosting service provider (HSP) is a type of IT service provider that provisions and serves a pool of remote, Internet-based IT resources to individuals and organizations for hosting their websites.
A hosting service provider delivers hardware, software, storage, network and/or their combined solutions to enable Web hosting services.


A hosting service provider is also known as Web hosting service provider.

Techopedia Explains Hosting Service Provider

Hosting service providers are the key IT entities behind the millions of websites on the Internet. They build and deliver complete infrastructure for deploying websites and maintaining their functionality. HSP creates hosts or hosting servers that have the ability to serve and operate as Web servers. Each host may house one or more websites depending on its type and/or delivery mode. A hosting service provider delivers a simpler and more cost effective alternative for website hosting.

A hosting service provider generally provides two different types of hosting services:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting


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