Virtual Server Backup

What Does Virtual Server Backup Mean?

Virtual server backup is the process of backing up the data, application and operating system image of a virtual server within a virtualization environment. Virtual server backup enables the creation of a backup copy using conventional backup software for a virtual server instance. A virtual server backup is built using a server virtualization hypervisor.


Techopedia Explains Virtual Server Backup

Virtual server backup is primarily an enterprise backup procedure performed on all virtual servers. It is like typical server backup except that in this case, the server is virtualized. Typically, most server virtualization hypervisors have a built-in component for data backup procedures or a third-party application is installed on each virtual server instance. The virtual server hypervisor or the external backup application connects with a local or remote backup storage device to initiate and execute the backup process. Depending on the capabilities of backup software, a virtual server can be backed up as an entire virtual machine image/snapshot or as an incremental file level backup.


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