Business Intelligence Competency Center

What Does Business Intelligence Competency Center Mean?

A business intelligence competency center (BICC) is a team responsible for promoting and supporting effective business intelligence across an organization and which has specific roles, responsibilities, tasks and processes. The team is responsible for implementing business intelligence tools and strategies and for supporting and training the business intelligence users. It can help an organization in many ways, namely, by providing delivery enablement and promotion of the same with the help of business intelligence skills, best practices and standards, by bringing in the ability to do repeatable business intelligence deployment across the organization and by aiding in the focus and development of technology and people.


Techopedia Explains Business Intelligence Competency Center

For an organization, a BICC aids in decision making by providing a fact-based approach with the help of processes and resources. The responsibilities of a BICC include developing plans, applications, practices, architecture, data integration, data governance, data quality, infrastructure and competencies for an organization using business intelligence and other analytic applications.

A BICC brings tremendous benefits to business and information technology. It can reduce the implementation costs and deployment risks, especially with implementation projects, with the help of business intelligence solutions. This allows a business to gain the maximum value of technology investments. Again, rapid and quick resulting deployments are possible with the help of the best practices promoted by the center. Faster and higher adoption of the end-to-end business intelligence life cycle is possible through the BICC, and this results in improved user experience and service.

Standardization of processes and business and initiatives is enabled, which helps an organization in reacting quickly to business or organizational changes. Delivery of quality information across the organization is ensured by the BICC.


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