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Business Intelligence Dashboard (BI Dashboard)

What Does Business Intelligence Dashboard (BI Dashboard) Mean?

A business intelligence dashboard (BI dashboard) is a BI software interface that provides preconfigured or customer defined metrics, statistics, insights and visualization into current data. It allows the end and power users of BI software to view instant results into the live performance state of business or data analytics.


Techopedia Explains Business Intelligence Dashboard (BI Dashboard)

A component of every BI software solution, a BI dashboard works like a standard application dashboard that gathers two or more key performance indicators (KPI) and statistics into a visual interface. When a user login into the BI software, the first visible page/interface/element is the BI dashboard. The type and amount of displayed data vary according to the BI software's available capabilities and customization.

However, a BI dashboard is designed to allow users to receive instant visualization of their preferred BI-specific operations, eliminating requirements for manually executed queries or processes.

Moreover, a BI dashboard's appearance and interface may be customized for desktop, mobile or Web/cloud users.


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