Enterprise Information Portal

What Does Enterprise Information Portal Mean?

An enterprise information portal (EIP) is a framework used to support and integrate processes, people and information across an organization. It gives a unified and secure gateway for information and a knowledge base for employees, partners and customers. The application interface provided by an EIP is often web-based and provides instant deployment, centralized maintenance and ergonomics which are intuitive and user-friendly.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Information Portal

Integration and presentation are the main two functions of an EIP. An EIP should be able to extract information from multiple sources and adjust the information in the portal.

Features of an EIP include:

· Integration – provides an integrated navigation gateway for multiple systems and components.

· Customization- provides an environment for users to customize.

· Access control and security -the ability to give the limitation needed for specific contents and services as needed. The EIP administrator can designate the access controls as needed for the organization.

· Single sign-on – capabilities for single sign-on can be given to users and other systems.

· Categorization and collaboration – can categorize all information and also provide users the ability to collaborate regardless of physical location. ·

· Personalization – based on the role and job function, the personalization is possible. The matching content for users is provided and matching services are used.


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