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Collaborative Master Data Management (CMDM)

What Does Collaborative Master Data Management (CMDM) Mean?

Collaborative master data management (CMDM) is a data management tool that provides a cohesive platform for all the data sources an organization maintains.

CMDM enables an organization to collect and organize master data and distribute it across different business process and applications within its IT environment.


Techopedia Explains Collaborative Master Data Management (CMDM)

CMDM is primarily used to maintain and orchestrate master data, fetched and integrated from various data sources. Typically a CMDM solution consists of a master data server, data integrators and adaptors.

CMDM helps with:

  • Removing data redundancies
  • Cleaning out irrelevant data
  • Reducing IT infrastructure
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • It ensures that the data is kept consistent, up to date and available to all end users and applications. CMDM also provides a central interface for collaborating, maintaining and sharing data blocks within related applications and processes.


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