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Information Design

What Does Information Design Mean?

In IT, information design refers to the effective presentation of information. It involves crafting data and presenting them in ways that allow them to be perceived and understood well. This term is often associated with disciplines such as graphic design and data visualization.


Techopedia Explains Information Design

In information design, data analysts need to consider the type of audience and to determine the most effective way to present data to the target audience. Information design can be contrasted with two other disciplines: information planning, which looks at data sets and how they relate to goals, and information architecture, which governs how contextual information should be organized.

A good example of information design is the infographic, a graphic visual presentation that combines text and graphics for better and more stimulating presentation of information. The infographic is a work of graphic design — it takes the related parts of a project, including the data, and presents them using particular visual strategies.


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