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Manufacturing Intelligence Software (MIS)

What Does Manufacturing Intelligence Software (MIS) Mean?

Manufacturing intelligence software (MIS) refers to an application that helps organizations keep track of their manufactured goods. The software application integrates the collected data on manufacturing for a company and helps in keeping records, reporting, analysis and summaries of data collected and complied from various sources. The software helps in analysis and information gathering, especially in large-scale organizations.


Techopedia Explains Manufacturing Intelligence Software (MIS)

Manufacturing intelligence software is widely used in enterprise to keep track of products. The software collects information from all the data points and turns it into a presentable form that can help the manufacturers interpret the data in different ways. This software thus helps the industry to grow and flourish by making information easier to understand making specific pieces of data easier and quicker to locate. Enterprises and industries engage MIS to turn large amounts of manufacturing data into useful real-time knowledge and generate results on its basis.


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