Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI)

What Does Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI) Mean?

Mobile business intelligence (mobile BI) refers to the ability to provide business and data analytics services to mobile/handheld devices and/or remote users. MBI enables users with limited computing capacity to use and receive the same or similar features, capabilities and processes as those found in a desktop-based business intelligence software solution.

Techopedia Explains Mobile Business Intelligence (Mobile BI)

MBI works much like a standard BI software/solution but it is designed specifically for handheld users. Typically, MBI requires a client end utility to be installed on mobile devices, which remotely/wirelessly connect over the Internet or a mobile network to the primary business intelligence application server. Upon connection, MBI users can perform queries, and request and receive data. Similarly, clientless MBI solutions can be accessed through a cloud server that provides Software as a Service business intelligence (SaaS BI).

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