Open-Source Business Intelligence (OSBI)

What Does Open-Source Business Intelligence (OSBI) Mean?

Open-source business intelligence (OSBI) is commonly defined as useful business data that is not traded using traditional software licensing agreements. This is one alternative for businesses that want to aggregate more data from data-mining processes without buying fee-based products.


Techopedia Explains Open-Source Business Intelligence (OSBI)

Although open-source software is often characterized as “free,” OSBI products may come with certain subscription or support fees. Vendors often package them into user-friendly presentations with different kinds of maintenance and support. Certain types of OSBI products include reporting tools, online analytical processing tools and data-mining resources. As with any kind of open-source products, OSBI tools may be inherently less user-friendly than specific products bought and sold on the enterprise IT market. In other words, there may be a stiff learning curve for a company to acquire and start using these products for data handling and data aggregation.


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