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Operational Business Intelligence

What Does Operational Business Intelligence Mean?

Operational business intelligence (OBI or operational BI) is the process of reviewing and evaluating operational business processes, activities and data for the purpose of making tactical, strategic business decisions.


OBI allows businesses to quickly react to dynamic and continuously changing business and customer requirements.

Operational business intelligence is also known simply as operational intelligence (OI).

Techopedia Explains Operational Business Intelligence

OBI works on continuously occurring business events and processes and is typically implemented in scenarios requiring business insight on a daily, short-term or frequent basis. This is applicable to operational business applications, systems and storage resources that have the most current business data, events and processes. It monitors data driven business processes and events – in motion and at rest.

OBI is often correlated with real-time business intelligence (RTBI), but they differ slightly, in terms of actual process and deployment. OBI works on fresher data/events than standard BI software but has staler data/events than RTBI software.


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