Real-Time Business Intelligence

What Does Real-Time Business Intelligence Mean?

Real-time business intelligence (RTBI or Real-Time BI) is the process of sorting and analyzing business operations and data as they occur or are stored. RTBI allows organizations to evaluate business processes and take strategic action on the current overall business environment.


Techopedia Explains Real-Time Business Intelligence

RTBI is important in scenarios that require live business insight in a fast-paced environment. RTBI is implemented on operational systems and live data storage components that maintain business processes, events and data in real time. It also works on big data or past data repositories to combine them, derive inferences or compare/correlate previous statistics.

RTBI has several types of deployment and operational architectures, including:

  • Event-based data analytics that trigger the detection of specific data events
  • Server-less data analytics used to directly extract data from the source, rather than the data warehouse or repository

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