Silent Monitoring

What Does Silent Monitoring Mean?

Silent monitoring is the process of logging, listening and evaluating vocal communications between a call center agent and the customer. Silent monitoring is enabled through automated call recording and monitoring software and is manually analyzed by call center managers and supervisors for quality assurance and regulations.


Techopedia Explains Silent Monitoring

Silent monitoring is primarily a part of most call center software applications, which record all incoming and outgoing calls. Although the recorded calls are used for a variety of purposes, silent monitoring generally facilitates call quality assurance and verification for call centers. Silent monitoring provides a suite of different metrics and data such as the length of each call and the average length of all calls, agents’ behavior and compliance with salutation standards, and whether those agents meet other organizational objectives. Moreover, a call center with silent monitoring software might also allow a manager to eavesdrop on a live call without notifying the customer or the agent.


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