Software As A Service Business Intelligence

What Does Software As A Service Business Intelligence Mean?

Software-as-a-Service Business Intelligence (SaaS BI) is a business intelligence (BI) delivery model in which applications are implemented outside of a company and usually employed at a hosted location accessed by an end user via protected Internet access. SaaS BI generally implies a pay-as-you-go or subscription model, versus the conventional software licensing model with annual maintenance or license fees.


SaaS BI is also known as cloud BI or on-demand BI.

Techopedia Explains Software As A Service Business Intelligence

SaaS BI allows organizations to use BI tools without on-site installation or maintenance, allowing customers to concentrate on generating analytic queries and BI reports, rather than unnecessary tasks. The SaaS BI approach also allows organizations to broaden their BI systems as usage is increased. Heavy equipment purchases are not required because there are no on-premise deployments.

SaaS BI can be a fit if there is no available budget to purchase BI software or related hardware. Because there is no upfront purchase expense or extra staffing demands for handling the BI system, the total cost of ownership (TCO) may be much lower than procedures involving traditional on-premise software.


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