Email Response Management System

What Does Email Response Management System Mean?

An email response management system (ERMS) is a service or software product that provides handling for a volume of email messages, often for an enterprise. These systems typically categorize and manage individual emails using rules defined by the users, and backup or archive email for storage and potential retrieval.


Email response management systems are also known as email response management services.

Techopedia Explains Email Response Management System

One aspect of email handling is documentation – many email response management systems log the source and destination for each email message, while also logging response times, followup messages and message status.

Another component is email archiving. Companies use email archiving for protecting critical information, meeting applicable industry or government regulations and for processes like e-discovery.

In general, these software products have built-in algorithms and protocols for allowing the users to send email handling rules through a visual interface. These systems ensure that email gets handled in the right way, so that messages are not overlooked, discarded or subject to unauthorized access.


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