Executive Dashboard

What Does Executive Dashboard Mean?

An executive dashboard is a visual software tool that helps company executives to handle their daily affairs. In in general, the “dashboard” is a tool that visually represents data for use. Executive dashboards are crafted according to the needs of the typical business executive.


Techopedia Explains Executive Dashboard

Executive dashboards aggregate data, often from diverse sources, and present it in actionable ways. Core goals may include visibility, inventory control, customer relations and time management. An executive dashboard may show particular goal-oriented results, for example, sales numbers and their growth over a certain period of time. By presenting data in a particular way, executive dashboards can help busy executives to see more about how their business is doing, and what is going on within every part of business operations. Executives might rely on the dashboard to show them what is going on in different sectors of a business, with carefully developed charts and icons for metrics that provide “business intelligence at a glance” rather than requiring a lot of deep reading or report building.


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