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What Does Digitizer Tablet Mean?

A digitizer tablet is a peripheral device
that allows users to draw on a computer screen. Tablets are typically used by
artists working with graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
Tablets allow for much more precise control than a mouse or trackball does by
using a stylus like a pen.


A digitizer tablet is also known as a graphics tablet.

Techopedia Explains Digitizer Tablet

A digitizer tablet allows people working with graphics a way to easily draw and manipulate graphics on the screen. There are many these tablets on the market. Wacom is one of the best-known manufacturers of these graphics tablets. Tablets are used with paint, photo manipulation and animation programs. Tracing over a paper document, such as a drawing or blueprint, is known as “digitizing.”

Tablets typically use a stylus as a pointing device, but some also use a mouse-like device known as a puck, which offers more precision than a mouse does. These tablets are typically designed for professional applications such as CAD/CAM.


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