Microsoft D

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What Does Microsoft D Mean?

Microsoft D is a declarative programming language developed by Microsoft in 2008. It was designed to serve as a textual modeling language for manipulating digital assets. It was designed to be used in conjunction with the Oslo repository to model and craft complex service-enabled applications. According to press releases from the time, D was intended as a general purpose modeling language with tools and a repository to bridge all models within an application.

Microsoft D would enable people with no programming skills to generate the skeleton of an application from a sketch.


Techopedia Explains Microsoft D

D represented Microsoft’s push toward more intuitive software modeling and was touted as a key component in the Oslo service-oriented architecture (SOA). The goal of D was to deliver a top modeling platform that merged the relationship between the information technology and business sectors.

Although Microsoft announced the release of D in 2008, it doesn't appear in the press again beyond the initial announcement, so it is unclear whether Microsoft renamed the language, or failed to proceed with it. Service oriented architecture, however, was a major step forward in connecting an application to data or functionality from another system.


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