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Telepresence Room

What Does Telepresence Room Mean?

A telepresence room is a conference space dedicated to high-end videoconferencing. The key objective of telepresence technology is to promote face-to-face communication in a virtual environment, eliminating long distance travel resources. Telepresence rooms are used to improve the traditional videoconferencing experience, with the help of several high definition (HD) cameras with eye-tracking features and multiple directional microphones. Some systems allow document sharing between participants. The technology behind a telepresence room is very costly and requires substantial dedicated bandwidth.


Techopedia Explains Telepresence Room

In October 2008, Cisco demonstrated the first telepresence videoconferencing room for public use. Tata Communications is the first vendor that offered public telepresence rooms for rent.

Public telepresence rooms provide several benefits to businesses, including videoconferencing without upfront investments, no device maintenance and management resources. Users may schedule conferences, virtually visit reserved locations and enjoy the benefits of long-distance and visual collaboration. The main advantage of telepresence rooms are to save costs, both through travel expenditures and times. A side benefit is to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.


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