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Web-Based Project Management Software

What Does Web-Based Project Management Software Mean?

Web-based project management software is a type of software that allows users to work on collaborative projects online. This software allows streamlining distributed workflows, replacing email operations and improving remote collaborative work.


The Best Web-Based PM Solutions

Easily manage complex tasks and projects — from assigning to delegating, collaborating, storing files, and tracking dependencies, all with ease from a single dashboard with one of these popular project management tools:


Techopedia Explains Web-Based Project Management Software

There is a wide range of Web-based project management software products available, both proprietary and open source. Web-based project management software often includes tools like to-do lists, task management resources, and easy commenting and file handling features that all add up to something that firms can really use to keep online projects moving through a Web-delivered model.

Commercial offerings include Microsoft’s Dynamics AX and SAP’s SAP Business By Design. On the open-source side, there is Apache Bloodhound, which is based on Trac, another open-source project management software and bug-tracking system.


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