What Does Dot-Green Mean?

Dot-green describes the green computing movement – both hype and actual innovation.


Like the dotcom boom about 2000, dot-green not only involves genuine attempts to be eco-friendly within the realm of online computing and associated technologies, it unfortunately also includes speculators attempting to cash in on concerns about the impact computing has on the environment.

Techopedia Explains Dot-Green

Environmentally sound operating or manufacturing practices, sometimes called ‘greenwashing’, is a major issue for dot-green enthusiasts. Businesses and consumers alike may be described as dot-green as they address concerns over environmental issues.

A dot-green business might take action to reduce their environmental impact opf their networking activities by moving their hosting to all-green servers (which use wind power or other similar eco-friendly energy sources like solar power). There are many implementations of different green policies among eco-concious businesses and organizations; not all are successful at actually reducing environmental impact but the technologies available are often relatively new concepts.


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