What Does Geotargeting Mean?

Geotargeting is the process of providing unique content and/or services to website visitors based on their geographical location.


It is used in Internet marketing techniques to identify, prioritize and target users in accordance with their physical location.

Techopedia Explains Geotargeting

Geotargeting primarily identifies and segregates website or Internet users according to their location.

The location parameters can include factors such as country, state, province, city, postal code, IP address and more.

Typically, geotargeting is enabled through geolocation software that identifies the location users visiting a website. For returning users, the location can be retrieved from their user profile. For new users it is extracted by tracing their IP address to its originating location.

The location information is used by marketers and webmasters to provide a customized interface and content to each visitor. For example, presents a location specific website for its visitors accessing the website from U.K.


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