Managed Network Security Services

What Does Managed Network Security Services Mean?

Managed network security services refer to the outsourcing of network security by an Internet service provider (ISP) to an intermediate service provider, solution consultant or value-added reseller that is hired for this very specific purpose of network security. Network security services include network management, monitoring, security, anti-malware, anti-spam, IP filtering, network attack detection and prevention, and devising access control policies.


Techopedia Explains Managed Network Security Services

Managed network security services are a great help for customers who do not have any knowledge of basic network security as well as for ISPs since they manage high-level networking tasks and processes. Thus intermediate network security providers have all the expertise and resources to take on these essential network security tasks. The two parties (security providers and service providers) that define the arrangement of tasks actively communicate and set out a comprehensive service-level agreement that plans out the distribution of tasks assigned, including the specific services and equipment to be used on a monthly or yearly basis.


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