What Does Microsegmentation Mean?

Microsegmentation refers to the process of segmenting a collision domain into various segments. Microsegmentation is mainly used to enhance the efficiency or security of the network.


The microsegmentation performed by the switch results in the reduction of collision domains. Only two nodes will be present as a result of the collision domain reduction.

Techopedia Explains Microsegmentation

Collision domains are logical areas in computer networks where data packets can collide against each other. The two nodes present in every collision domain would generally be a switch and a computer. The overall number of segments shall be one less than the total number of nodes present.

Collisions occur when two or more devices make an effort to transmit a signal across the exact same transmission channel at the same time. It can cause complicated and thereby unwanted messages.

Microsegmentation is a phenomenon in the direction of fewer users per segment. Micro-segmentation enables the creation of dedicated or private segments, i.e., one user per segment.

The key advantage of microsegmentation is that it lets every node gain access to the entire bandwidth available in the transmission channel rather than sharing the bandwidth with others. So, there is no need for them to content with other users for the available bandwidth. Due to this fact, the chance for collisions to occur is cut down tremendously, particularly in a full-duplex mode, where concurrent transmissions in both directions are enabled.


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