Outbound Call

What Does Outbound Call Mean?

An outbound call is a call that is made from a specific origin to an external recipient. Outbound calls are part of many enterprise activities that utilize call centers to reach customers or others.


Techopedia Explains Outbound Call

Modern IT has provided many features for outbound calls that help call-center workers to do their jobs better. Predictive dialers and auto dialing tools help to reduce wait time and make the volume of outbound calls work more efficiently. Features like automatic callback also help to make calling more efficient. Other features include caller according, call scheduling and various types of customer relationship management tools that important data directly to the workstation or computer of the call center worker, depending on when an outbound call is made. All of this helps to facilitate better outbound calls, for example, in the sales world where salespeople have more information at their disposal while they are talking to someone on the phone. In general, outbound calling efforts have benefited from a range of enterprise software programs that are part of today's modern business world.


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