Call Center

What Does Call Center Mean?

A call center is a facility that handles inbound and/or outbound calls on behalf of an organization. For example, a call center may handle customer service calls, complaints or other issues related to a company’s products and services. The function of a call center is strictly focused on large telephone call volume beyond an organization’s internal capabilities and infrastructure.


Techopedia Explains Call Center

Today, call center operations are regularly outsourced to third-party service providers – many with operators that work from third-world countries, where telecommunication labor costs are low. Additinally, most call center services include some type of incorporated automation.

Inbound call centers handle customer inquiries and support, while outbound call centers handle telemarketing or communicate with customers about the products and services of a company. Some call centers are part of a larger conglomerate of servicing known as contact centers, which provide phone, fax, email and live chat communication.


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