Call Logging

What Does Call Logging Mean?

Call logging is the tracking of telephone calls and deciphering the information. Call logging does not focus on the actual content of the phone calls, but rather on the statistical and technical data about telephone calls.


Techopedia Explains Call Logging

With the help of a telecommunications system or a private branch exchange, telephone call data can be obtained. The form in which this extracted data is available is called call detail records. The data for call logging is done by means of analysis software of third-party applications. The raw call data records are then deciphered and converted into information which can present analytical, graphical and insightful reports.

There are many benefits associated with call logging. In addition to analysis of the number of calls, the call costs and cost by departments, call logging can provide information on instances of telephone fraud. For enterprises, call logging can help in evaluating whether a particular telephone line is being underutilized or over used. For organizations or vendors, call logging can provide performance-related interpretations such as whether acceptable levels of performance could be demonstrated over a period of time to customers. Call logging also can provide details on call patterns, which in turn can help on load sharing or cost savings. Other significant data that can be provided by analysis of call logs is in reporting of quality of service.


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