Collaborative Browsing

What Does Collaborative Browsing Mean?

Collaborative browsing is a browsing method that enables the simultaneous viewing of a specific Web resource by more than one individual, facilitating remote and/or real-time access or work. It is useful for group projects requiring joint information access between users.


Collaborative browsing is also known as co-browsing.

Techopedia Explains Collaborative Browsing

Experts have noted that good collaborative browsing tools provide effective solutions for shared access without requiring high-speed broadband for each party. With the right design, a shared URL resource or other collaborative browsing methodology can provide simultaneous viewing without requiring a lot of resources for the long distance shared connection. This typically works through offering multiple versions of a low-complexity browser or a similar strategic design. Collaborative browsing tools also may include various support communications forms, as well as joint Web access, such as an audio telecom connection or faxing/document sending applications.

Collaborative browsing technologies are useful for many reasons. When equipped with collaborative updating features, this type of resource can help multiple users complete tasks by working together. Collaborative browsing also may be useful in a vendor-client situation where a knowledgeable vendor representative guides an end user through a particular technology or demonstrate products through Web pages.


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