Inbound Call Center

What Does Inbound Call Center Mean?

An inbound call center is a type of contact center that is designed only to receive users’, customers’ or partners’ calls. Inbound call centers typically provide support, services, sales, inquiries, billing and general queries to current and/or prospective customers, over the phone.


In addition to voice calling, many modern call centers also support communication via email or live chat.

Techopedia Explains Inbound Call Center

Typically, an inbound call center receives calls from customers. Based on the availability of customer support representatives and the routing policy applied, the call is routed to one of the agents. Similarly, in some cases, emails and live chat sessions are also routed to agents based on their availability and specialty (such as help desk, sales or billing). The call center agents are generally able to see the customer’s complete information by automatically tracing the caller ID, email or user ID or by verifying customer details on their system.


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