Service Level

What Does Service Level Mean?

Service level is the metrics by which a particular service is measured. Service level is mostly used in the service-based industries. Service level provides the expectations of quality and service type and also remedies when requirements are not met.


Techopedia Explains Service Level

Service level is an important component of any vendor contract. Service level includes all elements of the particular service provided and the conditions of service availability. The exact measurement related to service levels depends upon the type of service provided, volume of work, quality of work and the service provider. In some cases, there are multiple approaches to determine the service levels. Service level is often documented with the help of a service-level agreement, which describes in detail the level of service anticipated by a customer from a vendor. Most service providers have service levels and standard level agreements. A service-level agreement deals with the reliability, responsiveness, monitoring and escalation procedures related to service levels.

Service level measurement helps the involved parties to understand the level of service quality. With a service-level agreement in place, it protects all involved parties in the agreement. Service level helps in understanding the measures of the certain goals and indirectly helps in achieving the goals.


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