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Evil Wicked Grin

What Does Evil Wicked Grin Mean?

An evil wicked grin is a type of emoticon or visual used in Internet slang. It features a face with a wide grin and generally threatening character.


An evil wicked grin is also known as a wicked evil grin (WEG).

Techopedia Explains Evil Wicked Grin

There are many different types of emoticons used on the web and in other types of technologies, such as e-mail and instant messaging. Some of these are represented with text characters. Others require visual icon files or even animated GIFs.

The evil wicked grin is an example of a complex emoticon where the two signifiers, ‘evil’ and ‘wicked,’ emphasize one another. Examples of this specific type of emoticon would include exquisitely rendered graphics showing a particularly threatening leer or a Halloween type icon leaving a distinct impression.

While users may use the acronym WEG to mean wicked evil grin, the same acronym can be used to mean ‘wide evil grin’.


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