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Banner Rotator

What Does Banner Rotator Mean?

Banner rotators are a form of software that rotates the banner ads that users on a particular website see each time the page is refreshed. Banner rotators are designed to stand out on a webpage and catch the consumer's eye.


A banner rotator may also be called a banner ad rotator.

Techopedia Explains Banner Rotator

Banner rotator software loads banner advertisements and rotates them while website visitors are on a website. Banner rotator software prevents banners from becoming stagnant, thus making them more noticeable to a website's visitors. Banner rotator programs typically also give web publishers options such as how often certain banners will be displayed and where they will be displayed on a given web page.

The term is generally only used in the context of a small website. Larger publishers would use a more sophisticated ad-serving system. While it used to be that the technology to serve ads could be provided in a small script, modern day publishers need much more advanced tools to better target ads to site visitors.


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